Infrared bridge cutting equipment runs unevenly during the cutting process

The reasons for this phenomenon are: the gap between the headstock and the bearing is not suitable; the bearing is damaged; the flange is not clean, the bump is scratched; the spindle is bent or damaged; the bearing cap at both ends of the spindle box is loose, and the cutting line speed is not suitable; The choice of head does not match the stone; the saw blade jumps are the main causes of the above failure phenomenon.

To eliminate such faults, first focus on the spindle box components, paying particular attention to measuring the radial runout of the spindle, the end face of the blade fixing flange, and other parameters.

       1. The radial runout of the main shaft is ≤0.04; the flange section jump is ≤0.08;
       2. The perpendicularity of the saw blade axis and the carriage travel trajectory is not more than 0.05mm, and the verticality of the saw blade axis and the carriage lifting movement track is not more than 0.05mm.

       3. Also check if the fasteners are loose and retighten if necessary. Check the oil pool oil quantity, if it is obviously insufficient, it should be supplemented. Check if the saw blade rotates too much when it is rotated. Check whether the diamond of the cutter head is exposed, that is, whether the cutter head is sharp. If the cutter head is blunt, the refractory brick can be re-bladed. Observe if the operator is operating correctly.

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