Stone processing machine all kinds of stone surface processing tools

Litchi surface processing tools include: pneumatic hammer, pneumatic engraving machine, lychee face hammer, square lychee hammer head, cylindrical hammer head, diamond stylus.
Pneumatic hammer is the main tool for hand-knocking the lychee surface. It is also one of the power tools for compressing air. The compressed air relies on the position change of the piston during the movement, and is distributed in turn to the head of the cylinder to make the piston reciprocate. , the punch that is connected to the taper of the small head of the piston, hammering the surface of the workpiece.

The pneumatic engraving machine is used for small-area pneumatic hammers, which cannot be knocked on the lychee surface. This tool is especially suitable for carving products and smashing the lychee surface.
       The pen type pneumatic engraving machine is used for products that cannot be knocked on the lychee surface by pneumatic hammers and pneumatic engraving machines. For example, the anti-skid groove of the stair step, the partial slashing surface of the engraving product, and the right angle corner knocking the lychee surface. This tool is suitable for knocking the lychee surface of complex, small engraving products. The cutting tool installed on the pen type pneumatic engraving machine is mainly used for the processing of small area knocking and raking surface. The lychee face hammer is shaped like a hammer-like tool for knocking on the lychee. It consists of a hammer head and a hammer handle. The hammer handle is usually made of a wooden handle, but is also made of a carbon fiber handle.
       Longan surface processing equipment and tools
       The longan processing tool is a "one" type hammer. It consists of a hammer head and a hammer handle. The hammer is not made of ordinary steel, but is made of high strength, high hardness alloy steel. The hammerhead is a superhard composite material composed of diamond micropowder and cemented carbide substrate (substrate) under ultra-high pressure and high temperature conditions. The material has the wear resistance and strength of diamond and the toughness and weldability of the cemented carbide matrix material. It is an excellent cutting tool and wear resistant material. The hammer handle can be made of hardwood, and pear, hedgehog, sandalwood, and eucalyptus are preferred. Among them, ash is the best material, flexible and elastic, feels good, and does not shake hands. However, as the state has strengthened the protection of timber resources, the level of science and technology has increased, and there are more and more hammer handle materials. For example, FRP materials and carbon fiber materials may replace wood materials in the future.
The hammer head is an important part of the longan hammer. It is a hard alloy material that can withstand the impact of hard granite materials. The hammer handle is inserted into the hammer hole and fixed with a wedge to become a longan hammer. The choice of the longan hammer handle is very important, which is related to the efficiency of the dragon eye and the labor intensity of the staff.
       Pineapple surface processing equipment and tools
       At present, most enterprises use hand-made processing on the surface of pineapple noodles, mainly because the market demand for surface products of pineapple noodles is not as much as litchi noodles and noodles. Most companies therefore did not invest money to buy pineapple noodle equipment. However, with the labor force in the stone industry, the mechanized processing will be the only way for the development of stone. At present, there is a fully automatic pineapple surface processing equipment in the stone equipment market, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of employees, improves production efficiency, and improves the working environment of employees. The picture below shows the processing equipment of pineapple noodles:
The equipment on the surface of the pineapple surface consists of an electric motor, a pneumatic system, a work table, a frame, a lifting rail, a mechanical operating system, and a chain drive system. The pneumatic system is the heart of the pineapple surface device, which provides the power to hammer the pineapple surface.

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